About Us

Commercial Solar Design focuses on solar farm and large commercial solar projects. We help our clients implement the best solar power solutions for their commercial facility/building or available land. Solar farming provides an excellent investment opportunity for commercial solar projects and vacant or under-performing land.

The primary objective for CSD is to deliver the highest financial returns to our clients and get the solar projects operational and generating revenue in the fastest manner possible.

We're Value Driven

Recent technical and cost analysis of both hard and soft costs for solar projects in the 100kW - 150MW capacity range has been performed for investor/owner groups in the US, and Europe including:

Complete site assessment, energy output prediction with a detailed solar design, and financial analysis of all costs and 20 year IRR analysis for 7 investors in the last year.

Presently contracted to perform (as the solar PV farm developer), complete analysis for solar projects being prepared for submission during 2010 to the CA RPS and other CA RFO bids at the 61MWp capacity level, after successful analysis for investor/developer/owner groups.

Business relations with best in class US EPC companies, solar installation owners (one of the top 4 in the US), and large investment groups that have financed over 1GW of solar PV currently in development.

Presently working on interconnection application and engineering for a 20MWp solar farm pilot project on 130 acres as part of a 1600MWp project.

Presently working on development services for two 2400 acre solar farm projects of 150 MW each in three tranches.

Presently working on 1.5MW commercial solar rooftop net-metering project to supply all daytime power usage

Presently working on 1 MW commercial solar panel ground mounted system to offset water treatment plant usage - California

Presently working on 6 MW commercial solar panel ground mounted system to offset water treatment plant usage - Texas

We're Experienced

Sy Richardson is the founder and one of the principals at Commercial Solar Design. He brings years of high level client interaction. He is an expert in strategic thinking, problem solving, negotiation and logistics. His first solar company was started in the 80s in Miami Fl where his company installed over 3,000 residential solar systems. In 2008 Mr. Richardson refocused on utility scale solar projects and has many connections in the industry. Commercial Solar Design is a company focused solely on solar farm development projects. Sy is involved in all stages of the solar farm project life. He is also on the research and development team designing a cutting edge customer sited solar thermal electricity generation technology using helium in a closed loop to drive a turbine generator. He is currently designing a distributed urban solar farm smart grid implementation. He loves working with the Maine Island Trail Association, Sierra Club and other earth friendly organizations. He sits on the Solar Leaders Circle and the Climate Protection Campaign Stakeholders Wheel. He has a wealth of information regarding solar and industrial technical issues.

Since early 2008 Dr. John Barnes and other Solar Power Development Partner staff/associates have performed site analysis, potential solar utilization analysis, and IRR financial studies for investors from the US, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, Africa, and South America. In addition Dr. Barnes has performed solar PV farm business and technical analysis for several of the largest solar module manufactures in the world, such as Sanyo and Signet Solar. The work of Dr. Barnes and Mr. Richardson has included costing and understanding of the permitting and approval process for the local governmental entity associated with the solar farm sites. Dr. Barnes also served as Vice President of Transmission and Technology for Solar Land Bank, which specializes in the state and local approval process for solar farms and the approval process for environmental and other state/local requirements.

Current Turn-Key Projects

3MWp project on 176 acres in Lake County (phase 1 of 3 for 10MWp total. (Building permits pending)

20MWp project on 130 acres in Fresno County

10MWp project on 76 acres in Kings County

1MWp project on 5 acres in Sonoma County

1.4MWp project on 13 acres in Yolo County

10MWp project on 100 acres outside Nashville

150MWp project on 1500 acres Utah

250MWp project on 2800 acres California

another 150MWp project on 2400 acres Utah