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“Commercial Solar Design uses a phased approach to perform utility spend and cost/benefit analysis for large-scale solar farm and commercial renewable energy systems operating independently or grid connected. Each facility is unique, requiring some degree of custom design for the system to achieve its full potential.

Commercial Solar Design specializes in localized and distributed designs. The Energy Audit is a value assessment and technology road map to take large-scale facilities entirely off the grid, or remain grid connected. The goals of the energy audit are to verify each site’s ability to produce power, set the logical order of proposed energy solutions and prove the overall financial viability of the project. Commercial Solar Design delivers comprehensive solutions for your energy needs.”

Commercial Solar Design Service Overview -

  • Specialized in delivering turnkey services for clients interested in generating electrical energy from solar farms for sale to the electrical grid.
  • Specialized in delivering the most value to commercial solar installations by minimizing payback time and maximizing savings.

      Application Studies -

    • Commercial Solar energy audit review followed by sizing and design based on energy flow utilization
    • Pre-construction solar farm development with land owners and co-developers on how to best develop land into a solar farm.

      Engineering and Design -

    • Solar farms and commercial solar projects have different design criteria. Commercial Solar Design brings its vast experience from large solar farm projects to commercial solar power projects. Economy of scale buying power and vast experience with permitting and installation helps drive down cost while maximizing value.
    • Solar farm photovoltaic arrays are ground mounted. Commercial solar panels can either be roof mounted or ground mounted or both.
    • Solar Canopies are also becomming more popular as pricing continues to drop.
    • We utilize best in class technologies for fixed mounts and single axis tracking mounting systems.

      Geography -

      Commercial Solar Design provides turnkey services for projects in the 48 continental United States. We are not interested in projects in Canada or other foreign countries so please stop asking.

    Commercial Solar Design is run by a dedicated staff that works hard providing clients with turnkey solar farm project services. We help our clients navigate the often technical and confusing solar project landscape. We work with building owners, manufacturing facility owners, land owners, investors, developers and government to develop solar farm generation projects.

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