Focused on Solar Farm Generation & Commercial Solar Projects

We focus on three verticals;
(1) Emerging Solar Technologies
(2) Landowner solar farm development services
(3) Large commercial rooftop or ground mounted projects.
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The benefit of commercial solar systems is well documented and solar farming provides
an excellent investment opportunity for vacant or underperforming land.  

Services Overview

Large Scale Commercial Solar Installations -

Commercial Solar Design has the expertise and engineering needed to maximize financial payback for large commercial installations. We offer unique commercial solar financing options and deliver the greatest possible return on investment. Boasting in excess of thirty-five years of commercial solar and utility knowledge together with a specialized design department Commercial Solar Design handles all aspects of commercial solar power installations including capital, technology, design and engineering, installation, real time monitoring, and ongoing commercial solar Operations and Maintenance.

Solar Farm Landowner Development Program Projects -

Commercial Solar Design is seeking landowners who want to develop and install solar farm projects on suitable land. Prerequisites include sufficient land of size and shape and levelness to accommodate 40-2500 acres of solar panels. Landowner participation includes site selection process, land lease income, equity position in project and limited financial participation. Contact us for more information.

GIP CAISO Queue and other Solar Farm Projects - The California solar farm interconnection queue (formerly SGPI/LGIP) has ballooned to almost one thousand (1,000) applications between the three investor owned utilities. The interconnection rules are changing and many developers are wondering how they can make sure the money they have spent to date is not going to waste.

Race to a successful Power Purchase Agreement - Many developers have begin the interconnection process and are experiencing difficulties. Other developers have withdrawn their interconnection application (IA). If you are a solar farm developer in the CAISO CAL ISO queue we want to help. We are looking for solar farm projects in California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Confidentiality restricts what we can disclose on a public website so please call to discuss your project.

With so many projects in the queue how can you be sure your project is good enough to win a solar power purchase agreement? Do you have enough cash to make it to the finish line? How does your project stack up against a project viability calculator? If a utility is oversubscribed how can you be sure your project will be accepted? We can help sort out the various problems with any solar farm project in the queue. We are focused on 3-20 MW, 50 MW through 100 MW project sizes.

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